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BidAsia is an e-RFQ, e-Tender, e-Bidding, e-Auction system for corporate buyers, purchasers and auctioneers.

BidAsia e-Procurement tools are delivered via cloud computing for corporate buyers/purchasers to use. Only a nominal flat fee is charged to users. BidAsia helps companies save time and procurement cost.

Procurement cost savings achieved using online reverse auction e-RFQs average between 8% to 15%, and have even exceeded 45% in some cases.

BidAsia provides a 24/7, cost-efficient, quick and easy online commercial negotiation platform for corporate buyers & purchasers to source for best prices from their suppliers.


Multinational companies in CHINA, INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM and MALAYSIA use BidAsia to conduct e-auctions with their local and oversea suppliers since 2008.

Industries we serve are - agriculture, banking, construction, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, power management, steel, etc.

If procurement cost reduction, corporate governance and process control are important to your organization, please contact us using the Contact Us form.

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If you or your company have the competencies to bring BidAsia e-bidding solutions to corporate clients in your regional area, please use the Contact Us form to tell us about your market potential.

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